What does Beg, Nov, Int, Adv Lessons mean?

These are by no means "Standardized" throughout the dance industry, This is just a 
guide as what to expect from lessons at the Polish Home in Windsor Locks, CT.

As a general rule of thumb, the second lesson builds on the prior lesson ... but not always. 

Definitions -
Beg -Beginner - Never danced West Coast Swing Before and/or not
100% comfortable with leading and/or following the basic patterns.
Nov -Novice - Can lead and/or follow all the basic patterns(Assuming
the person you are dancing with knows them too), and beginning to understand
more complex patterns.
Int - Intermediate - Starting to understand pattern extensions, basic
syncopations, musical interpretation and putting together multiple patterns in sequence.
Adv - Advanced - Can put together complex patterns and understand the concepts
of musical interpretation, syncoptions, shortening and extending patterns, styling,
recognizing 32 & 48 beat phrases, and the difference between standard, syncopated
and swung beat rhythms.
Can also choreograph to specific phrases or complete songs, in addition to knowing
where in a song to cut and/or alter songs to fit time allowances of competitive dancing.

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